Wirikuta in Mexico, has a unique ecosystem in the world. It is part of a portion of the Chihuahuan desert where the greatest biodiversity and richness of cacti per square meter of the planet is concentrated. It is much more than a desert: it is a garden. Despite the recent triumphs that the Wirárika people have obtained in the defense of their sacred sites, in the SIERRA DE CATORCE there are still other mining projects that threaten the livelihood of the communities that actually inhabit these territories. His arguments and allegations for defending his lands are recorded in this work by the free media in Mexico.

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Country : México
Year : 2013
Length : 28
Language : Español
Subtitles : Español
Direction Colaborativa: Koman Ilel (Mirada Colectiva) Naranjas de Hiroshima La Sandía Digital Subversiones · Agencia Autónoma de Comunicación Hijos de la Tierra y Caravana Climática por América Latina
Production Armando Gómez
Screenplay Eloisa Diez Laura Herrero Garvín Nicolás Tapia Laura Salas
Photography Luis Iborra Laura Herrero Ricardo del Conde Laura Salas Armando gómez Aldo Sotelo Nicolás Tapia
Edition Laura Herrero Garvín Nicolás Tapia Ricardo del Conde Aldo Sotelo Laura Salas
Sound recording Eloisa Diez
Research Armando Gómez
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