The San Miguel del Progreso indigenous community – Júba Wajiín in their Me’phaa language – from the Guerrero mountain, gained their territory against a mining company.

This video tells the story of this victory. The cancellation of mining concessions in the territory of San Miguel del Progreso, the result of community organization and the legal exercise of their rights with the advice of Tlachinollan, represents an unprecedented victory for an indigenous community, as it is one of the first occasions in which when going to the Federal Justice an original town reaches the cancellation of a mining concession.

In addition, the cancellation directly benefits at least eleven agrarian nuclei in six municipalities, made up of around 240 indigenous communities located on 168,346 hectares of agrarian nuclei that are members of the Regional Council of Agrarian Authorities in Defense of the Territory (CRAADT).

A collaborative production between the community, the Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center, Tequio Audiovisual, Terracería Audiovisual and La Sandía Digital. With the support of the Witness and Bertha Fund.

More information at http://www.tlachinollan.org/juba-wajiin/

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