The sense of justice – México

In the documentary “The sense of justice”, Lidia, María Antonia and Erick describe the barriers to accessing justice in Mexico in cases of femicide: Elvia, Lidia’s sister; Nadia, daughter of María Antonia and Alí, sister of Erick .

This short film investigates the impact that, on an individual and collective level, in a patriarchal society, I produce gender stereotypes in the provision of justice. For this reason, together with relatives of other women victims of femicide, the protagonists of this story continue to work together to strengthen, reverse impunity and build meaningful justice.

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Country : México
Year : 2012
Length : 00:19
Language : Español
Subtitles : Inglés
Direction Laura Salas
Production Laura Salas La Sandía Digital
Screenplay Lidia Zúñiga Lázaro María Antonia Márquez Muciño Viviana Muciño Márquez Erick Monterrosas Castrejón y Ximena Antillón
Photography Laura Salas Sánchez Olga Enríquez Daniel Valdez
Edition Laura Herrero Laura Salas
Sound recording Laura Salas
Soundtrack Chris Zabriskie
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