Rebel October

On October 12, the peoples of Latin America repudiated the violent invasion of the Cristovam Colombo squadron on the American continent. Known as a meeting of two worlds, the clash of the European invasion of America portrays indigenous resistance since 1492 when the invader arrived in their territories.

Thus, in this week’s Bombozila marathon there are only documentaries that show the Latin indigenous resistance, which continues since the arrival of Columbus on the continent.

1) I am a defender of the jungle (Soy defensor de la selva) 

The struggle of an Amazonian Original People in defense of their rights and their SARAYAKU living space, against the oil company, the Military and the Ecuadorian State.

Director: Eriberto Gualinga
Country: Ecuador
Year: 2011
Subtitles: English

2) Sarayaku – The descendants of the jaguar

A summary of Sarayaku’s heroic struggle in defense of its territory against oil, the government and the military until it reaches the IACHR.

A co-production Sarayaku- Amnesty International

Director: Eriberto Gualinga
Country: Ecuador
Year: 2017
Subtitles: English

3 ) Pajerama

An Indian is caught in a flood of strange experiences, revealing the mysteries of time and space.

Director: Leonardo Cadaval
Country: Brazil
Subtitles: all languages
Duration: 9’03”

4 ) GRIN – Rural Indigenous Guard

A Maxakali filmmaker recalls memories of the formation of the Indigenous Rural Guard (Grin) during the military dictatorship, with reports of the violence suffered by his relatives.

In the process of making the film, interviews collected by the filmmakers were passed on to the Public Prosecution Service of MG in order to compensate the original people for the suffering during the Military Dictatorship. This action helped in the process with the Krenak; We are now continuing to seek recognition for the Maxakali.

Hãmxomã’ax hitap xop yãgmũg putox kopa pip apia xaxok putup’ah. Kutex ũgmũyõg nõ’õm apxaxok putup’ah.

The past is still. The past insists on being. We sing and what is ours is not forgotten.

Executive Producer: Luara Oliveira, Fabiana Übida
Country: Brazil
Year: 2016

5) People of Xingu Against Monte Belo

Scenes recorded at Piaraçu Village, in the Capoto / Jarina Indigenous Land, between October 28 and November 4, 2009. During this period, the Ministers of Environment and Mines and Energy were invited to Xingu to discuss the impacts of the Belo Monte power plant construction in progress in the region. If implemented, Belo Monte will be the third largest hydroelectric dam in the world and will impact more than 9 million hectares of forest, an area twice the size of Rio.

Director: Todd Southgate
Country: Brazil
Year: 2009
Production: Greenpeace

6) Witralen

Currently in the Wallmapu there is a fourth invasion, the first Inca, the second Spanish, the third Chilean with European settlers and the fourth of the transnational companies and their powerful influence in the era of globalization. In all these phases there is a continuous principle, if it stops resisting, it ceases to exist.

Artists: Deviolencia y Tata Barahona
Country: Wallmapu
Year: 2016
Language: Castellano
Duration: 5’12”

7) Namakasia Yaki

The Yaqui Tribe decides to organize itself to defend its river, and that is why, in the middle of a smear media campaign, and the constant persecution of social activists throughout the country by the state, in September 2014 Mario Luna and Fernando Jiménez – two of the tribe’s spokesmen – are arrested and imprisoned with false accusations.

“NAMAKASIA” is a word in the Yaqui language that means “firmness” and also “forward”; It is a shout of encouragement, a call not to give up.

The video clip was filmed entirely in Yaqui territory with the consent and support of the tribe community who facilitated and acceded to the requests and needs of the production. Likewise, there was the participation of many people from the same community to appear in the video and thus make a more realistic portrait of the context with the people who live directly in the conflict.

Director: Gran OM
Country: México
Year: 2015
Subtitles: Français / English /German / Español
Duration: 6’03”

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