Where does the initiative come from?

Bombozila is an independent platform for access to documentaries that portray social struggles and popular resistance to the advance of capitalism, extractivism, agribusiness, and militarization in their communities. It appears in Rio de Janeiro on September 2016 after the Rio2016 Mutirão, which was an independent media meeting to report the social impacts of the Olympic Games in the city.

At this meeting about 30 independent communicators from across the continent were present to promote a collaborative coverage of human rights violations in the course of this mega international event and to hold a workshop on community communication with the city’s social movements.

From this mobilization was identified the collective social demand for the elaboration of a platform that amplified the reach of independent audiovisual productions of Latin America and the Caribbean.

What does Bombozila mean?

Bombozila are entities in African religions that make the connection between the spirit world and the material world. They are powerful orishas, responsible for communication between other entities.

See more about Bombozilas here at Wikipedia

What motivates us?

Bombozila arises from the New Latin Cinema – Third Cinema, the democratization of access to the means of production – and the struggle for Popular Audiovisual Sovereignty, defended by community cine collectives, communication organizations and groups of directors who develop practices, tutorials and meetings to share the capacity of doing audiovisual as a tool of social emancipation and struggle for rights.

We are dedicated to cataloging independent documentaries online, but also creating physical spaces of political construction to broaden the reach of social justice documentaries.

Why an online platform?

The internet is the biggest cultural revolution of the new times. With the strategic use of these resources, we can break the silence imposed by the hegemonic media and share the voices contained in popular struggles and initiatives.

We work to use and promote digital tools for social purposes as an opportunity to develop popular organization and access to knowledge.

Does Bombozila have its own productions?

In addition to cataloging social struggle productions by other filmmakers, Bombozila also makes its own independent productions.

Associated with a number of producers, directors, and filmmakers, we regularly produce our own documentaries – feature and short films – which can be viewed here on the platform.

How can we collaborate with Bombozila?

We are an independent, non-profit, collaboratively built platform – your participation is very important to us:

  1. Suggest movies – you can submit documentary suggestions that should be on our platform by emailing – [email protected]
  2. Submit your movie – if you are an independent filmmaker you can submit your production to us here.
  3. Promote screenings – Organize your community, school, group, or social movement to conduct screenings and discussions on struggle documentaries. Contact us so that we can help promote these initiatives.
  4. Promote Bombozila on social networks – Bombozila is on virtually every social network. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, besides having a distribution channel on Telegram.
  5. Donating to our crowdfunding campaign – by clicking here you can make donations of any value and help keep the platform online.
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