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Audiovisual Sovereignty is a movement that emerges from Latin American and Caribbean community-cinema groups as a popular expression of the demand for the collective memory and cultural protagonism of communities and their inhabitants. Born in La Paz – Bolivia in 2013, when a community-cinema meeting was held, in a collective proposal for the distribution and articulation of audiovisual on the continent, which would confront the extractive and commercial cinema that appropriates community images, and makes them circulate through international festival and television circuits.

It is a celebration that combines different languages, platforms, and materials that revolve around audiovisual and film language. It brings together works from all origins, emphasizing the urban, rural and community-based achievements of the original peoples of the Americas, who are seeking their own image and presenting different points of view that do not frequent spaces in the commercial distribution network.

See more information about the history of Audiovisual Sovereignty on the continent by clicking here.


SXSA 2015 Exhibition at Maré – Rio de Janeiro

THE WEEK FOR AUDIOVISUAL SOVEREIGNTY (SXSA) is the ultimate expression of Community audiovisual. When collectives and communities celebrate a week of exhibitions, workshops, debates, and cultural activities, in which the cinema transforms the public space into an ELECTRONIC CIRCUS.

In Rio de Janeiro, the first time we held a SXSA was in 2015, when 8 other countries on the continent were also celebrating the community cinema party. And in an integrated manner, all these collectives jointly organized shows and video workshops simultaneously. See the memories in Rio de Janeiro here.

SXSA 2015 exhibition at Maré – Rio de Janeiro

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