This video was imagined and created during the production laboratory that took place during the “Women’s Meeting: intertwining stories and territories” in Guelatao, Oaxaca, in November 2019. It was born after a collective conversation between the participants of the meeting , in which we ask ourselves what the territory means to us and what we did to defend it.

This video is part of the campaign Together we achieve more. We make it available for you to appropriate and share: you can download it, adapt it, spread it in your networks, communities, workshops, community media and women’s circles.

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Country : México
Year : 2019
Length : 3 min.
Language : C'omcaak, Tutunaku
Subtitles : Español
Direction Colectiva
Screenplay Christiane Burkhard Alejandra De Velasco Celis Alejandra Jiménez Ramírez Romelia Barnett Díaz María Teresa Santiago Santiago
Edition Donají Quintas
Backing Encuentro de Mujeres Defensoras: tejiendo relatos y territorios
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