Live in the Dark – Mexico

Sinopsis: The treatment of justice is not the same for men and women in Mexico. Socorro’s case is like that of thousands of women who walk the corridors of family courts where gender-based discrimination is visible in the gestures, attitudes and discourses of everyday justice.

Direction: Eloisa Diez

Production: Anaïs Vignal | Lorena Salazar Ocampo |
Research and Script: Eloisa Diez | Laura Salas
Photography: Laura Herrero Garvín
Direct Sound: Eloisa Diez
Edition: Laura Herrero Garvín | Olga Enriquez
Communication and Distribution: Pilar Sánchez
Sound Design: Eloisa Diez
Music: Chris Zabriskie
Country: Mexico
Year: 2015
Language: Spanish
Realization: La Sandía Digital

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Country : México
Year : 2015
Language : Español
Direction Eloísa Diez
Production La Sandía Digital
Screenplay Eloisa Diez Laura Salas
Photography Laura Herrero Garvín
Edition Laura Herrero Garvín Olga Enriquez
Sound recording Eloísa Diez
Soundtrack Chris Zabriskie
Research Eloisa Diez Laura Salas
Production Anaïs Vignal Lorena Salazar Ocampo
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