Esperanza 43 – México

In September of 2014 in the Mexican Iguala 43 students disappeared after assaults by the police. Since then their families and fellow students have been protesting on a basketball court of the University in Ayotzinapa for the return of the missing young men. How long can they keep up their search for justice?

Ernesto, fellow student of the 43 disappeared students of Ayotzinapa
The families of the 43 disappeared students of Ayotzinapa
Luis Salas, lawyer in the case of the 43 disappeared students of Ayotzinapa

Esperanza 43 won the German Human Rights Movie Award (Deutscher Menschenrechts-Filmpreis 2016) in the shortfilm category.

Director: Oliver Stiller
Photography, Editing, Production: Oliver Stiller
Artwork Cover: Christian García

Ampersan – “Colores”

Letters and Music: Zindu Cano
Zindu Cano: Voice and clarinet.
Kevin García: Guitar.
Ernesto “Nirl” Cano: Violin and bass
Gabriel de Dios: Trumpet.
Cristian “Capo” Briseño: Bombardina.
Carlos Sánchez Vilches: Tuba.
Rodrigo Peláez: Snare.

Thanks to:
The university Escuela Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos,
The students of the university Escuela Normal “Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos” de Ayotzinapa,
The student committee Ejecutivo Estudiantil “Ricardo Flores Magón” de la Escuela Normal Rural “Raúl Isidro Burgos” de Ayotzinapa,
Laura Ponte

An Oliver Stiller Production

Director’s comment

The self-financed documentary “Esperanza 43” has been realized during a research trip for my German-Mexican scenic film “Das Leben hat noch Schulden”.

Impressed by the tireless hope of the people, the title “Esperanza 43” originated from the Spanish word for hope.

This non-clarified tragedy struck like a bomb into the innocent life of the people and leaves a crater that can never be closed completely.
Since the September 2014 the fellow students converted in “survivors” and will always be accompanied by the events.
The missing students come from a humble background. Their families live on agriculture, many of the parents did not have the opportunity to attend school. Their missing children bear the hope of the families.

My wish is to help the people there by spreading their situation with this documentary.

Oliver Stiller

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Pays : México
Année : 2016
Durée : 20 min
Langue : Español
Sous-titres : English
Réalisation Oliver Stiller
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