Love and Revolution – Grécia

LOVE AND REVOLUTION + AMOR Y REVOLUCIÓN + LIEBE UND REVOLUTION + L’AMORE E LA RIVOLUZIONE + AMOR E REVOLUÇÃO + LIEFDE EN REVOLUTIE + other languages coming soon. If you can help us for translations, please contact : [email protected] July 2018. The european media claim that the austerity cure in Greece has been successful and that peace has returned. This film proves the opposite. A musical journey, from the north to the south of Greece, among those who dream of love and revolution. 5 years after “Let’s not live like slaves” and 3 years after “I fight therefore I am”,

“Love and Revolution” is a non-profit film
Licensed under Creative Commons 3 (in support of self-directed solidarity initiatives)
Facebook: L’Amour et la Révolution
Youtube channels: Athina Parisi + Parisi Athini

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